Database Design

Relational Databases

The Now Applications Team offers services to assist customers with data design and storage requirements in support of application development and modernization. Our expertise spans multiple current and legacy relational database technologies including but not limited to:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MS-Access
  • MySql
  • FoxPro
 Non-Relational Databases

While widely deployed throughout our customer base, relational databases are only a subset of data storage technologies available. We are also experienced in leveraging alternative data storage technologies including various NoSQL (also called “Not Only SQL”) offerings. There have been various approaches to classify NoSQL databases, each with different categories and subcategories. Because of the variety of approaches and overlaps it is difficult to get and maintain an overview of non-relational databases. Nevertheless, a basic classification is based on data model. A few examples in each category are:

Column: Accumulo, Cassandra, Druid, HBase

Document: Clusterpoint, Apache CouchDB, Couchbase, MarkLogic, MongoDB

Key-value: Ehcache/Terracotta, Dynamo, FoundationDB, MemcacheDB, Redis,

Graph: Allegro, Neo4J, InfiniteGraph, OrientDB, Virtuoso, Stardog