Now Applications LLC Reduces Costs by Modernizing Jury Management for Rockingham County, Virginia

Now Applications LLC announced today that the company’s ezJury product ( has been successfully deployed in the Circuit Court of Virginia’s Rockingham County. By deploying ezJury, the Rockingham County Circuit Court has significantly reduced the cost of jury screening, selection, and management by digitizing manual processes.

“Local governments across the country are under ever increasing pressure to provide and improve quality services to citizens while budgets shrink at an alarming rate” said Rockingham County Circuit Court Clerk Chaz Evans-Haywood. He added, “partnering with companies like Now Applications – who can understand key requirements and effectively apply modern technology – allows us to transform our operations for both cost savings and improved service to the citizen.”

For the citizens of Rockingham County, the new system provides a secure, mobile friendly, self-service Internet site to provide answers to required jury questionnaires, check possible dates of upcoming service, request exclusions or deferments and even print attendance reports for their employers. Hundreds of citizens are taking advantage of this new online tool. In the past, all of these types of interactions were done in writing, requiring postage and a significant amount of manual effort managing and moving papers among offices.

“We are so fortunate to be working with the staff at the Rockingham County Circuit Court” said Sean Williams, CEO of Now Applications LLC. “It is refreshing to collaborate with a dedicated team who are committed to providing so much value and excellence to their citizens,” he continued.

Citizens in Rockingham County may continue to use the traditional written paper process if they choose. The ezJury system also scans the paper to a digital image and applies handwriting recognition technology to automate the processing of the questionnaire data written on the paper-based forms. This too saves the court staff a significant amount of time manually entering data.

“It is all about doing more with less – not simply applying technology for the sake of it. We all must focus our efforts with cost and/or time reduction as a primary goal” concluded Evans-Haywood.